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Pond & Outdoor

A pond can really complete a garden and there is nothing nicer on a summer’s afternoon to sit by the water and watch the fish as they swim amongst the plants. An outdoor pond is not difficult to establish but it helps to be able to call on the help of an expert and this is where the staff at Aylesford Aquatics

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Tropical Aquariums & Fish

A tropical aquarium is a great addition to any room in the house, colorful and restful to watch. It is amazing how quickly you can get to know the different characters of your tropical fish and setting up the tank and balancing its inhabitants is a delicate business, but a great deal of fun.

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Marine Fish & Corals

A well designed marine aquarium is a beautiful thing and when it is thriving it can enhance any room. Marine fish and their attendant creatures such as shrimp and other invertebrates need a lot of looking after and you will find the help of the staff at Aylesford Aquatics absolutely invaluable.

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Fresh Water Aquariums & Fish

A freshwater aquarium can be as simple as a couple of goldfish in a tank or as complex as you want – although most people find that once they have started keeping freshwater fish it is hard to stop. Odd as it may seem to anyone who has not kept a fish before, they are amazingly good company.

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