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Marine Fish & Corals


A well designed marine aquarium is a beautiful thing and when it is thriving it can enhance any room. Marine fish and their attendant creatures such as shrimp and other invertebrates need a lot of looking after and you will find the help of the staff at Aylesford Aquatics absolutely invaluable. All fish need to be acclimatised to a new aquarium, but this is especially vital for saltwater fish which need very specific salinity when they are first introduced, possible slightly stressed by their journey to your home.

Live corals are not simply ‘rocks’ to decorate your aquarium with, but living things which will need a lot of care to keep them in optimum condition. They will need specific companion species which will help to control their growth and keep them clean. Some fish and marine invertebrates have evolved specifically to live alongside corals and it is very important that your aquarium has the right combination to stay healthy. If you get the right balance of fish and other marine creatures in your aquarium it will be much easier to look after, so the help of the Aylesford Aquatics experienced staff will be invaluable.

Marine environments need quite a sophisticated range of equipment to keep them looking good and you can get it all at Aylesford Aquatics. When reading up on the care of marine fish and corals you will probably come across a lot of conflicting information on things as simple as how often to replace filter sponges (not very often at all versus every two months), how many inches of fish per gallon and what species can live happily together. Although in the end the choice of fish is a personal one and can certainly be decided at least partially by the available budget, the best thing to be guided by is the advice given to you when you buy your aquarium and begin to set it up.

Probably the biggest surprise if you are new to coral keeping is how beautiful they are when they are in good health and how different they can be. There are soft and hard corals, sea fans and ones that look like mushrooms, all in the most glorious colours. With some pretty clown fish and damsels flitting around, you will get endless pleasure just from watching your underwater garden grow.