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A pond can really complete a garden and there is nothing nicer on a summer’s afternoon to sit by the water and watch the fish as they swim amongst the plants. An outdoor pond is not difficult to establish but it helps to be able to call on the help of an expert and this is where the staff at Aylesford Aquatics can be of assistance as they are all very knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of fish care from the choice of inhabitants of your pond to possible predators and pests you need to look out for, in particular the dreaded heron.

A pond doesn’t have to cost a lot or be absolutely enormous to give you a lot of pleasure for years to come. If you want to you can easily just leave it to become a natural ecosystem but most people going to the trouble of creating a pond do want to make it decorative. At Aylesford Aquatics you can get the plants you need to oxygenate the water and with advice from the staff you can find out exactly how many fish your pond should have to keep them happy and healthy. A good mix of types is good, as they all have different habits and will go towards forming a balanced system. All you need to know is the approximate surface area of the pond and this will guide you in how many centimetres of fish it will support. Note this is not numbers of fish, but their length; a common mistake when stocking a pond.

When your water is clear and balanced and the plants are doing well, the fish can be safely introduced. Depending on the depth and size of the pond, you might decide to go for goldfish – amazingly varied in their appearance and a delight in any pond – or the larger and slightly more exotic koi. Aylesford Aquatics stock a huge range of fish and the staff will be more than glad to advise you as to which will be the most appropriate for your pond and also the amount of care you will be able to devote to them on a regular basis. For some people, their pond can become a passion. Others are just happy to feed the fish and do minimum maintenance. The choice of fish will be very much dependent on your level of commitment.

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We offer free local delivery on Pond Liners and stock a vast range of Pond Filters, Pond Pumps and everything else you would need for your outdoor pond.