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Tropical Aquariums & Fish


A tropical aquarium is a great addition to any room in the house, colorful and restful to watch. It is amazing how quickly you can get to know the different characters of your tropical fish and setting up the tank and balancing its inhabitants is a delicate business, but a great deal of fun. Whether you have kept fish before, even in a humble goldfish bowl, or are a complete novice, all you need to do is ask any of the staff at Aylesford Aquatics how to begin and they will guide you through the process.

Patience is really the first thing you will need to learn when you start keeping tropical fish and when you buy your tank and plants, gravel, filters and all of the other things you need you will not be going home with bagfuls of fish as well. The tank will need to balance, fish cannot live in water straight from the tap and also you won’t be able to introduce your fish all at once. If you explain to a member of the Aylesford Aquatics staff that you are a beginner they will help you plan your tank and will give you that all important guidance on how and when to introduce your fish.

The important thing to remember is that although the fish you see in shops may bear the label ‘tropical’ this will not necessarily mean that they can all live together in one tank. A balanced eco-system is essential and you will need a reasonable population of fish which will scavenge waste from the bottom. These fish are not necessarily the showmen of the fish world, but you will reap the rewards in a cleaner aquarium and happier fish which will live a lot longer. Aylesford Aquatics stock a large range of tropical fish and you will have no problem choosing a colourful and exciting population for your tank. The staff will help you as you pick them to make sure that they will all live happily together.

An aquarium of any size is not an inexpensive purchase, so you will need to know that your fish are healthy. They will occasionally die, of course, but there should be no mass wipeouts – you will hear horror stories from ex-fish owners of coming down in the morning to find all of their fish dead. This is almost always a result of introducing fish from contaminated stock, so it is wise to stick to a reputable dealer such as Aylesford Aquatics when stocking and maintaining your tropical aquarium.