With Nyos® OPUS®, they've created a ready-to-use reef aquarium that will satisfy the highest demands in terms of quality, functionality and aesthetics. Value has also been placed on important details, which make the difference. Through the minimalistic design, the aquarium itself melts into the back- ground. In this way, nothing detracts from the most important aspect: The reef experience.

1. The Nyos® OPUS® Tank

  • Hidden overflow: External overflow box inlaid in the back pane

  • Rimless Pool tank, with three sides produced from ultra-clear glass

  • Clear edges, due to transparent silicone

  • Aquarium recessed in the cabinet conceals bottom siliconeseam

  • Deep blue back pane for realistic depth effect

  • Perfect aquascaping dimension through extra depth

  • 2. The Nyos® OPUS® Cabinet• Fully assembled cabinet
    • Distinctive look due to the cubic design
    • Seamless and gap-free finish
    • Full-surface lacquered finish on all sides
    • Available in white or basalt grey
    • Additional storage space for equipment and accessories

  • 3. The Nyos® OPUS® Sump

  • Integrated mechanical auto top off system

  • Removable lids to prevent evaporation and noise

  • Prefabricated PVC plumbing

  • Sophisticated 6-chamber design for optimum filtration

  • Adjustable, quiet overflow and additional emergency overflow