Avoid: exteneded journeys, bright lights and rough handling.

  • Float unopened fishbag on waters surface for 15-20 minuites to allow for temperature stabilisation.

  • Carefully open fish bag and gradually add an equal amount of aquarium/pond water to the bag. Repeat this every 5 minutes until you have doubled the water in the bag.

  • once the bag is full, you can carefully add the fish to your aquarium/pond by gently tipping the bag or netting the fish.



48 hours

We offer a 48 hour doa policy in store on most livestock (unless stated otherwise)We are happy to refund or provide replacement on dead fish but require

  • a water sample from the aqurium

  • the deceased fish​

providing results are satisfactory we will issue a replacement, but for any problems or queries please call the store on 01622882264.​


01622 882264

Holtwood Farm Shop, 365 London Rd, Aylesford ME20 7QA, UK

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